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7 Best Relaxing Massages by Kerala Massage Center in Sharjah

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One of the most exciting and relaxing treats after tedious work is taking authentic and traditional Ayurveda massages from Kerala. Many people experience a hike in their productivity and mood enhancement after therapeutic massage. Massage forms from the Kerala massage centre in Sharjah never fail to provide a deep, relaxing, and soothing experience. Let us see what they offer in detail.


There are 7 Best Relaxing Massages by Kerala Massage Center in Sharjah;




This form of massage targets the 3 types of doshas, known as Vata, pitta, and Kapha in Ayurveda, and accordingly, the herbal oil is prepared. 


Also, the area to be massaged is pre-decided so that the oil gets penetrated as a result overall relaxation of mind and body is achieved. This Ayurvedic massage, also known as Abhyanga, helps relieve eye strain, muscle tension, headache, stiffness, swelling, etc.




The word ‘Pizhichil’ signifies a process of squeezing, and in this type of massage oil is squeezed on the patient’s body, but the prominent target locations are the neck and head. 


This form of massage is very successful as a treatment for paralysis, weakness, bone diseases, skin ageing, etc. This involves dipping a piece of cloth in a vessel containing oil and then squeezing the oil onto the body of the patient taking the treatment.




Njavarakizhi is another unique form of massage in this medicated oil is applied over the patient’s body the massaged with Kizhi (a cloth bag). Kizhi is filled with Navara rice, prepared with boiling rice in cow’s milk with herbs. 


This is a treatment for people suffering from joint pains, degenerative muscle issues, poliomyelitis, muscular atrophy, bad cholesterol, skin disorders, etc. The complete cure may take 7 to 14 days when both Pizhichil and Njavarakizi are taken as a combined treatment for any particular health condition.




Another unique form of massage uses herbal powders blended with oil, milk, or sedated juices combined well and then rubbed onto the patient’s body, maintaining a particular direction of massage. 


This massage takes 40 minutes per day. The well-known benefits of this massage are improvement in blood flow. Skin problem elimination also can help cure severe issues like hemiplegia and paralysis.




A prevalent form of massage is Shirodhara, mostly used for de-stressing. Our head is the target location where all the stress is stored, so in this form head is treated to regain its calmness and senses. 


Only the forehead and scalp are indulged, and the well-trained therapist pours soothing liquid. This is one of the processes of ‘Panchakarma’. Various liquids are used for this, ranging from herbal oils to milk and sometimes coconut or plain water.




Takradhara is a variant of Shirodhara. In the place of oil, water, or coconut water, they use medicated buttermilk is smoothly flown over the forehead. This massage is extremely effective for patients suffering from psychosomatic issues, such as psoriasis, stress, and insomnia.




In this form of massage involves steam therapy. The name itself means “sweat”, derived from the Sanskrit word Sweda. During this therapy, sweat is released from the body. Detoxification eliminates toxins through sweat glands by giving a medicated steam bath. 


This helps improve blood flow and relieves stress and body stiffness. It benefits allergies, arthritis, and paralysis and improves sensation and sciatica.


Concluding words


Ayurveda is becoming an integral part of the holistic lifestyle everyone is chasing these days. It is essential for achieving overall health. If you get a chance to visit Sharjah, you can try out some fantastic options at Ajman Spa’s full-Service massage. You will never be disappointed.


You can contact Royal Crown Spa for a detailed explanation of our various services. We don’t just specialise in Kerala massage but also extensively practise other forms of Thai, Russian, Pakistani massages etc., to rejuvenate your body and provide relief from strained muscles and ailments.